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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WOW, How Easy is this????

Okay you all know the feeling when that pesky check engine light comes on right?  First thing you think is oh no!  What can this be.  How much will it cost to fix it?  Where is the best place to get it fixed.  Can I really trust my mechanic to tell me whether or not this is REALLY a problem or just a light that's on the fritz?  These things are especially true if you are a woman and have not had much experience as far as car repairs go.  I have a little experience since I had a brother-in-law who believed that it was NOT good for a woman alone to be clueless when it came to her vehicle.  He knew his mother had been "taken" too many times when he was in the service.  So when he had the chance, his sister-in-law (me) before I was married was taught a few things.  But again, this little light represents a possible hazard that we are totally unsure of.  Even the most seasoned farmer that works all day long on his huge combines can be intimidated by this little tiny light.

WELL!  I have found a solution!  When you get to a computer, log yourself into this site! !  I was amazed when I found this site.  It asks you to simply register, give just a very few details about your car, and from there you can track your service, ask an expert a question, or what I really liked, was that I could look at Problem Reports and Recalls for my make and model of vehicle!  Guess what?  The first one on the list was the very problem I am having!  Next, I was able to click on Estimate, again, give just a few details, and it showed me what I should be paying in my area!  Lowest price and highest price!  Click on Directory and voila!  Up pops a listing of the service centers in your area as well as a map to find them!

There is also an area on their site called Encyclopedia.  Don't know what something means?  They break it down for you!  You can find all you need on this website about cars, and in a clear and understandable format so that you don't have a lot of frustration trying to find anything! will even allow you to make notes about the last service you had so that you can easily track the services you need on your car.  I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time on my computer.  It is my calendar of events, etc.  Now just by adding this website to my favorites, I can click on it, and see what services need to be done, when I had that pesky check engine light fixed, and what the mechanic told me it was, and what it cost!  I find this site totally awesome and I hope you do too!

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  1. This is an excellent idea! I know it helps being a woman to have some knowledge behind you when you go into a repair garage.