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Monday, April 23, 2012

Order Cheesecake Online: How to Get the Best Quality

Those who order cheesecake online are the ones who don't have time to make them on their own. Some don't have the skills to bake a cheesecake. People who buy cheesecake through online bakery want to make sure that they get the best quality of cheesecake. They want to get a cheesecake that is similar to what they see on the website.
If you consider order cheesecake online for someone, then you need to make sure that you get the best quality of cake to your recipient. Let's discuss some of the things that you can do in order to get the best quality of cheesecakes from online bakeries.
In order to avoid such a situation, you have to consider the location of the online bakery where you are going to order cheesecake online. It is best to order from a bakery that is located in the same city or where it is located near the address of the recipient. This is to ensure that the bakery will be able to deliver your order within the day or the next day.
Moreover, you should choose a company that provides sturdy container for the cheesecake. When the product needs to be transported to another location, there's a tendency it gets pressed with other items. There are companies that use seal tin containers for their cheesecakes. This is to ensure that the cheesecake arrives to its destination in perfect shape.
Also, you should avoid placing your order when it is approaching weekend or holidays when there is no office for couriers. The cheesecakes will be left sitting on the storage room of the courier over the weekend or during the holidays. It is always best to order it at the start of the week of few days before the actual date that you will need them.
Finally, you should choose an online bakery that offers express delivery. There are instances that your recipient's location is far from any online bakery. Hence, the best option to take is to choose the one that can expedite the travel time. Try to remember these tips the next time you order cheesecake online.

Lots of work today

I'm getting ready for a visit from my sister, and I'm truly looking forward to it.  Today I'm working on cleaning up my house, and you know I am also enjoying that!  I am feeling like I am creating my home all over again and that feels nice.  I have decided to try to do what I have heard so many others say, when in doubt throw it out!  Also, I'm putting things away that I'll see within the next 6 months if I use.  If I don't, they are going away.  Do you ever have trouble getting rid of the little things yet you just aren't sure where they fit into anything, like those little bottles of lotion, etc?  Well, I have found a few uses for those, and the shampoo?  That becomes a bottle of cleaner to use on things that belong in the barn.  Now the conditioner?  Add a little bit of water to thin it a bit and you have fabric softener.  So its all good.  The lotions go one bottle in my purse, and one bottle in each vehicle, one beside the bed, etc.  I use them all.  I figure its just one way to save money and I have friends that travel....a lot..... and they don't use these items, so I'm the receiver, and I used to not like that idea, now I love it.  Also, if you happen to run out of shampoo or soap or whatever before you can make that trip to the store, well, now you have an emergency supply.

Anyway, can't wait until Wednesday.  That's when my sister gets here and we'll have about 2 weeks to just enjoy and see each other.  Gonna be great!  Oh, and check out my post on cheesecake above!  YUMMMM, I LOVE cheesecake!!!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Office

The Author of this post is Darius Boone
My husband decided to start his own business and recently moved into a new office complex.
He is not the owner of the complex but rents space in the building. I think that when he originally moved, he was a little overwhelmed with all of the set up that was involved in starting an office from scratch. The first thing he set up was t1 internet, and I think he was relieved to get that out of the way. He had a lot of furniture for the office, but it was all mix and match, so he hopes to replace a lot of it in the next few years. He has a couple of friends from his previous place of employment that told him that they are interested in talking to him about his business. He does not know if that means that they want to join him or support him. Either way, he wants to get settled in his new building before he meets with them so he can appear as professional as possible. I really hope he is successful in his new business because we could really use the money right now.

My beautiful critters - Kittens of course, well at least this time!

You know, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Siamese kittens.  I have just have a blast with them; raising them, keeping them, selling them, and just generally playing with them!  Wow are they fun.  But never more than these last few weeks.  I have 2 mothers who had 5 and 4 in their litters respectively.  Honey Girl had 5 beautiful babies on February 6 and Sheba had 4 beautiful babies on February 18.  I so love to watch them grow.  I have an ad that I use on another site and do you know that all of these 9 babies have deposits put down on them.  Yep, sold within about 3 days for the most part.  I do have 1 lady still trying to figure out whether she wants one or not.  She's kind of biting her nails waiting for an income tax refund, but I told her to relax, if she wants one, say so, and if I KNOW the deposit is going to be coming soon, I'll hold it for her.

The 5 babies are now out of their birth box and are running around all over the floor under my feet but don't you know I love it.  When I come into the room, all I have to do is say one word and every one of them comes running to see me!  Its so neat to have something love you so much that they can't wait to be held.  I am very careful about the homes my babies go to and I make sure folks love them as much as I do, which has to be pretty big!  Folks ask me how I can stand to see them go.  It is definitely hard, but you know when I see some of the folks' faces when they pick up their new little kitten, well, what can I say?  Its worth it all!

We do have one sad note; however.  I see our old male, Ellsworth T. Scat, fading.  He's 18 now and he was our first Siamese.  He's the father of all the babies we have sold over the years.  We got him as a kitten and I can still see him running his little heart out trying to chase down the light from the flashlight, and I can see him running up the hill to our home in Southern Iowa when we would let him out and then when it was time for him to come in, we'd go and call him, and he'd run as hard as he could, panting and meowing all at the same time.  I'm so worried that its not going to be long until he leaves us, and my heart is just going to hit the floor.  You see this cat and I have had a love/hate relationship as well.  He has gotten mad a few times and attacked me; he is my husband's cat for the most part, although he really loves me when the food pan is empty!  But I find, now that it is coming to the close of his life, he is a little more tolerant of this old woman, he wants to sit on my lap a little more, he wants me to rub his back and scratch between his shoulders where he can't reach, and he even rewards me with purrs......sometimes.

You know, a good friend is hard to find.  Losing one is even harder.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Trying to keep from sinking back into my unhealthy lifestyle in 2012

Guest post written by Anna Fulton
In 2011, I made a resolution to get healthy and I've pretty much stuck with it, so I've made a resolution for 2012 that I'll stick to that lifestyle. It's been really tough at times when I have so much stuff to do that I can barely think. Sure, there were weeks where I ate a lot of junk food and skipped out on the gym. But I'm proud to say that I've bounced back after those times.
I get bored kind of easily though, so I thought that I would look up some ways to keep my work outs exciting. While I was doing that, I came across some info on miracle ear and after I read through it some, I showed it to my husband. In my opinion, he could use some hearing aids so he's going to go and get a hearing test done.
I've been finding one healthy lifestyle tip after another. I'm definitely going to try and apply a few of them to my daily routine. I know that I just need to keep my routine and I'll be able to stick with my healthy lifestyle.