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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Office

The Author of this post is Darius Boone
My husband decided to start his own business and recently moved into a new office complex.
He is not the owner of the complex but rents space in the building. I think that when he originally moved, he was a little overwhelmed with all of the set up that was involved in starting an office from scratch. The first thing he set up was t1 internet, and I think he was relieved to get that out of the way. He had a lot of furniture for the office, but it was all mix and match, so he hopes to replace a lot of it in the next few years. He has a couple of friends from his previous place of employment that told him that they are interested in talking to him about his business. He does not know if that means that they want to join him or support him. Either way, he wants to get settled in his new building before he meets with them so he can appear as professional as possible. I really hope he is successful in his new business because we could really use the money right now.

My beautiful critters - Kittens of course, well at least this time!

You know, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Siamese kittens.  I have just have a blast with them; raising them, keeping them, selling them, and just generally playing with them!  Wow are they fun.  But never more than these last few weeks.  I have 2 mothers who had 5 and 4 in their litters respectively.  Honey Girl had 5 beautiful babies on February 6 and Sheba had 4 beautiful babies on February 18.  I so love to watch them grow.  I have an ad that I use on another site and do you know that all of these 9 babies have deposits put down on them.  Yep, sold within about 3 days for the most part.  I do have 1 lady still trying to figure out whether she wants one or not.  She's kind of biting her nails waiting for an income tax refund, but I told her to relax, if she wants one, say so, and if I KNOW the deposit is going to be coming soon, I'll hold it for her.

The 5 babies are now out of their birth box and are running around all over the floor under my feet but don't you know I love it.  When I come into the room, all I have to do is say one word and every one of them comes running to see me!  Its so neat to have something love you so much that they can't wait to be held.  I am very careful about the homes my babies go to and I make sure folks love them as much as I do, which has to be pretty big!  Folks ask me how I can stand to see them go.  It is definitely hard, but you know when I see some of the folks' faces when they pick up their new little kitten, well, what can I say?  Its worth it all!

We do have one sad note; however.  I see our old male, Ellsworth T. Scat, fading.  He's 18 now and he was our first Siamese.  He's the father of all the babies we have sold over the years.  We got him as a kitten and I can still see him running his little heart out trying to chase down the light from the flashlight, and I can see him running up the hill to our home in Southern Iowa when we would let him out and then when it was time for him to come in, we'd go and call him, and he'd run as hard as he could, panting and meowing all at the same time.  I'm so worried that its not going to be long until he leaves us, and my heart is just going to hit the floor.  You see this cat and I have had a love/hate relationship as well.  He has gotten mad a few times and attacked me; he is my husband's cat for the most part, although he really loves me when the food pan is empty!  But I find, now that it is coming to the close of his life, he is a little more tolerant of this old woman, he wants to sit on my lap a little more, he wants me to rub his back and scratch between his shoulders where he can't reach, and he even rewards me with purrs......sometimes.

You know, a good friend is hard to find.  Losing one is even harder.