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Monday, December 5, 2011


You know, I have been searching for a place where I could get the perfect scrubs for the tasks that I have to do.  Scrubs are not just for nursing anymore you know!  They are a big deal!  What more comfortable clothes could you be wearing as a homesteader, to go out and take care of those little baby critters?  Well, okay, I guess you could be considered a nurse when you are helping to clean up a little baby goat and they need to snuggle up next to you.  You will be perfectly at home in your new beautiful, easy fitting scrubs, able to handle the task at hand and know that they will come clean and ready for the next baby!  You can find those wonderful scrubs at

Go check it out!  The prices are reasonable as well!  Truly, if you want a beautiful set of scrubs and some of them look just like jeans!  Then this is the place to get them.  They also carry scrub hats, lab jackets, and many beautiful pieces of jewelry.  You know what I'm thinking?  This would be also a great place to get a gift certificate for a friend or a supervisor that you work with on staff at your doctor's office or at the hospital.  If one of these folks has done something special for you, (like delivered YOUR baby!), what better way to say thank you than a gift certificate to Blue Sky Scrubs.

In fact, Kim, look out!  I'm thinking of you today and you just might find a special card with something special inside for you!  What a wonderful way to say thank you!

Find them on facebook and the internet.  Go check out Shelby's story!  She's the one that created Blue Sky Scrubs!  Pretty neat!

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