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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm back???

I have been out sick and busy folks.  Still sick and won't stay long.  Let's just say that the flu bug has hit our home, and actually I'm not 100% sure it is flu, more of a sinus infection and chest cold, but wow I can hear the Atlantic in my ears!  Or maybe its the Pacific????  I don't know, but I hear a LOT of water.

I have been very busy also trying to get a set of displays ready for a custom wedding centerpiece and that too has taken me away from my blog for a bit.  You can check out my candle pictures at

These candles are all ones that I have made here, and if you click on the pictures, they will be larger and also the title includes the price, except on the bridal centerpieces.  The centerpieces were done with very heavy hurricane glass, and the candles are of various sizes.  This is just one example of the different kinds of things I can do with custom wedding candles.  These candles are ivory and gold, and have the scent of vanilla and lavendar, varying by table set up.

I can do many different candles, and many different scents, so if you are interested in candles, please let me know.  Doesn't have to be for a wedding, maybe you just need one for your home, maybe you want to give a gift?  I will make the candle and the fragrance you want and your cost will be the cost of the candle and the shipping.

Anyway, better get busy doing some other things.  I do appreciate you checking out and following my blog.  I will be here more often now, but sickness sure does knock a person down!  See ya tomorrow!

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