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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OOPS, Clumsy me!

I hope everyone following me will forgive me for not writing much tonight.  I had a problem today!  I was breaking up some wax to make candles with and a chunk flew off and hit me in the eye.  NOTE TO SELF:  WEAR SAFETY GLASSES WHEN BREAKING WAX.  Wish I had learned it sooner.  I have a black eye now.  The wax hit my eyelid, but it actually made a huge red spot on the white of my eye near the nasal side of the eye.  IT HURTS, WAH, WAH, WAH.  (Okay, I know, I'm a baby)  Well, I was born the baby of the family, so I can claim honest rights here!  LOLOL

See you tomorrow (well I hope I "see" you tomorrow!).

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