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Monday, April 23, 2012

Lots of work today

I'm getting ready for a visit from my sister, and I'm truly looking forward to it.  Today I'm working on cleaning up my house, and you know I am also enjoying that!  I am feeling like I am creating my home all over again and that feels nice.  I have decided to try to do what I have heard so many others say, when in doubt throw it out!  Also, I'm putting things away that I'll see within the next 6 months if I use.  If I don't, they are going away.  Do you ever have trouble getting rid of the little things yet you just aren't sure where they fit into anything, like those little bottles of lotion, etc?  Well, I have found a few uses for those, and the shampoo?  That becomes a bottle of cleaner to use on things that belong in the barn.  Now the conditioner?  Add a little bit of water to thin it a bit and you have fabric softener.  So its all good.  The lotions go one bottle in my purse, and one bottle in each vehicle, one beside the bed, etc.  I use them all.  I figure its just one way to save money and I have friends that travel....a lot..... and they don't use these items, so I'm the receiver, and I used to not like that idea, now I love it.  Also, if you happen to run out of shampoo or soap or whatever before you can make that trip to the store, well, now you have an emergency supply.

Anyway, can't wait until Wednesday.  That's when my sister gets here and we'll have about 2 weeks to just enjoy and see each other.  Gonna be great!  Oh, and check out my post on cheesecake above!  YUMMMM, I LOVE cheesecake!!!!!!

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